Top Essential features of a GST Based Accounting App

To put it plain and simple, GST stands for Goods & Service Tax, which is an Indirect tax imposed on the supply of various goods & services. This taxation system has replaced a lot of indirect tax laws.


After GST being imposed, it has a lot of confusion for all business owners as not only it is a new way to taxation but it needs business owners to move away from old ways of accounting. In such times of ambiguity in the market, technology is what business owners can rely on. Business owner expects that they should be able to focus on their core business and technology should be introduced to take care of all the other things. GST based accounting app is the answer to the initial chaos. Business owners now have a variety of technological options to choose from Software to Apps but not all of them provide what is really needed for today dynamic business requirements.


Based on our vast experience of working with many businesses, here are the top essential features of a complete GST Based Accounting App:

  1. Bills & Expenses: Should provide an option to track and retrieve expenses and receipts
  2. Contacts: Efficiently able to manage all your contacts of customers and suppliers and their financials
  3. Data Security: Protect your data with advanced security and keeping data offline with added multiple layers of security.
  4. Easy Touch: Manage all core functions like expenses, bills, dashboard, and purchases from our mobile app.
  5. Easy Invoices: Professional invoicing to be made a lot easier and smarter and ability to generate new invoices in seconds.
  6. Financial Reports: Able to get real-time view of all your company financial through Easy Reporting
  7. GST Return: GST-ready accounting software should generate all your financial reports, calculates tax liabilities,
  8. Invoice Settings: Invoice settings should be customizable for your PDF invoices, option to select from predefined themes
  9. Inventory: Able to manage and track your inventory on the go. Easily add stock and revalue existing stock. Track available stock values on the balance sheet.
  10. Multi-Currency: Support Multi-currency to let you create invoices and bills in any currency, manage exchange rate
  11. Purchases: Able to record bills and attach scanned receipts directly from your mobile
  12. Support: To have phone, email and WhatsApp support from our dedicated support team in a case for any question or how to use app.

These are the features that a complete GST Based Accounting App must have to offer effective and streamline services for a business owner. DigiBill App provides all the above essential features along with an unmatched user experience. Download now